Aniela A.

I’ve lost 45lbs and my entire family is stronger because of my new found confidence!

I had been overweight and unhappy with my body for a long time. I would lose small amounts of weigh by watching what I at but never added a consistent exercise routine. One day while looking at pictures on my computer my husband caught me deleting pictures of myself where I looked fat. He told me not to do that because if something ever happened to me that our children would not have any pictures of me. I was devastated that my kids memories of their mom would be of a overweight, unhealthy, unhappy and out-of-shape mom. I still did not change. It was not until my 11 year-old daughter very sadly told me that she was not happy with her body and that she did not feel like “other girls”. She was crying and very sad. It was heartbreaking for me. I told her that I understood and that I would do anything that I could to help her and that I needed her help to help me lose the weight that I had put on. We agreed to be partners in this battle. My husband and I are very good parents. We lead by example, we teach good manners, be have given our kids a social conscience, we expect high grades, we drive them around to their activities, we expect them to be good friends and good people, we go to church and we spend time with our kids. Yet, we were failing miserably in this area. We understood that we could not help our daughter if we stayed the same. We couldn’t tell her to not eat ice cream as we sat there eating ice cream. Another huge motivator is the fact that I am 41 years old with a 3 year old son named Zach. I had an obligation to him to take care of my health. So this is how I started counting calories and trying to go to the gym as many days as possible. BUT, I hate the gym. Let’s be honest, overweight women would rather not step foot in a co-ed gym. I really struggled with combining consistent exercise with my diet. I kept telling my husband that I needed to find an aerobic class of some sort. He encouraged me to try the classes at our gym. I did not like them. All the women were 12 years old (or so it seemed to me!). Then I came across a Groupon for BBX classes. I bought it thinking that if I hated it I wouldn’t be out much. I was a little scared but I had to do it, I needed to commit to something and stick to it. I was really trying to be a good example to my daughter. I went to my first class and although I could not breath and my face got beet red, I LOVED IT! I loved the music, the dance moves, I loved the sweat and I loved the energy. Since starting at BBX, I have lost an additional 25 lbs. In total I have lost 45 lbs. yet still have a way to go before meeting my goal. But the greatest and craziest thing is that I am SO much stronger! I have muscles! I am no longer winded from doing normal things that moms do. I can run any play with my kids. Since starting this new way of living I have lost 45 lbs., my husband has lost 50 lbs., my daughter Carina has lost 13 lbs., my 18 year old daughter has maintained a very healthy weight and my 3 year old son Zach, honestly, doesn’t give a rip. But I do. I have an obligation to be there and be healthy for him, my daughters and my husband. My story is no different than thousands of moms out there. But moms are so powerful.  We have the ability to change the lives of our family. I set my mind to help my daughter and in doing so I also change the lives of my whole family. We are stronger and healthier…..together.  That is my insignificant little story. (But I am proud of us)

Aniela F.