Dede Barbanti

I lost a total of 70 pounds!

I was a professional dancer, choreographer and competitor for over 15 years but left to start a family. After the birth of my 3rd child in January 2008 my weight sky rocketed to over 200 lbs. I was mortified! How could I let this happen, I didn't even recognize myself anymore. As an active and competitive person I focused what little free time I had in training to compete in Martial Arts tournaments; but being that I got pregnant 3 times within 5 years I never made it into the ring. I tried working out at least 3 times a week but the weight just wasn’t coming off! I separated from my husband and was forced to return to work. It was a horrible time in my life…I was lonely, overweight and gone from my kids all the time. The thing that broke my heart the most was leaving my newborn at a daycare facility, I would cry when I dropped him off, it just broke my heart. Somewhere, I lost myself, this wasn’t my life! This wasn’t what I wanted for myself or for my children…I had to change things! That is when I decided to take my experience in dance and martial arts and come up with a new fitness format. I was active, a choreographer by trade, why not? Why couldn't I focus my training and passion into something that would not only better my life and health, but the life and health of others? So I quit my job and went back to the dance studio to create my vision “BBX”…. That was May of 2008. I lost 65lbs in the first 7 months! Since launching my format, I lost a total of 70 pounds, 6 dress sizes and have toned my body to where it looks better than it did before I had children! I wouldn't promote BBX unless I truly believed in it. That is why I can honestly open myself up to all of you; I did it and you can too. I didn't diet or slave away at the gym doing boring or corny aerobic exercises. Nor did I spend 2 hours a day 4-5 days a week between resistance and cardio training. I ate sensibly and did BBX...that's it!

Dede Barbanti, BBX Creator & CEO