I lost 20 lbs. and 5% body fat!

When I started BBX, it was just before my birthday this year April 2012. I was working out, jogging and doing Zumba at the gym regularly until last Thanksgiving. However, I ended up having to get a 2nd foot surgery and was forced to stop everything. After finally returning and being able to work out, my foot was still in a lot of discomfort.

I am Japanese and as you know, Japanese people are one of the skinniest and healthiest nationalities in the world. I wasn’t overweight, in fact I was actually considered healthy and normal; 5feet and 110lbs to 115lbs. But honestly, I FELT fat, flabby and unhealthy! My company ended up asking me to go to Japan on a business trip; and that’s when I decided that I needed to do something! Shortly after I heard about Boogie Box Fitness!!

Even though I was concerned about my foot, I dove in and started anyways! TA-DA! No pain at all!  Not only that, I was having more fun than I ever had working out! I was addicted after my first class!

I began to get serious and started logging my food and was consistent with my Boogie Box workouts. Little by little, I felt myself becoming stronger and the pain in my foot was disappearing!!

Now only after 4 months, I lost 20lbs and 5% body fat, and I have absolutely no pain in my foot!! My dietician actually told me to STOP losing weight! And that I had to either eat more …or less exercise! THAT IS HOW EFFECTIVE BOOGIE BOX IS!!

I can honestly tell everybody that Boogie Box is completely different from any other class I have taken! The results I achieved far surpass anything I did with a personal trainer/yoga studio/fitness gym, etc.  It’s so high energy, but still very gentle on the joints.  It’s just 100% FUN!!

I was able to lose more weight and gain more lean muscle than I ever thought possible! Before Boogie Box, I was working out twice as much with little to no results. Now my size is almost the same as when I was 24 years old…which is 20 years ago!!

If I was able to achieve these results, it means anybody can! With Boogie Box you don’t just lose weight; you gain lean muscle.  WITHOUT WEIGHTS!!! This makes the weight loss totally different and easier than just doing cardio.

I hope my experience will help others like me!