Become a BBX Coach

What is BBX and what are the Instructor Training benefits?

At BBX we are changing the face of group fitness as we know it.  In addition to providing exercise formats that are different than anything else on the market today, our approach to teaching is also innovative and unique.  Any group fitness instructor can stand in front of a room, go through the motions and lead a class. We are not looking for people who just want to be instructors, we are looking for coaches!  We want trainers who will make the commitment and take a vested interest in each student to help them achieve their ultimate fitness goals. Think of it as an athletic coach and personal trainer working with their athletes!  BBX formats use new ground breaking methods of applied muscle resistance (AMR) and RSL (Rotational, Swivel, Lateral) patterns.  These new methods take muscle confusion to a whole new level!  Your students will burn more calories and sculpt lean muscle without the use of equipment!  It's effectiveness is proven!  BBX has been University tested 3 times and proved to burn up to 1,100 calories an hour - more than any other workout available today!  BBX has also been featured on Dr. Oz, ABC, KTLA, Shark Tank and so much more!  We won't lie, BBX formats are probably more complex and physically challenging than anything else you’ve ever taught.  It takes time to learn them properly and become an excellent coach. You will work hard for a BBX certification and must be willing to make both a physical and mental commitment; but we promise...NO OTHER WORKOUT CAN COMPARE!!  So, if you're looking for something new to set yourself apart from other fitness instructors. If you are looking for something innovative, effective and fun; then.... BOOGIE BOX IS THE ANSWER!!! It’s one hour of high energy, funky adrenaline pumping fun that is sure to get people ADDICTED!

Carefully crafted to challenge people of all ages and fitness levels, BBX Fitness is an action-packed hour of sweat and fun. Featuring top hip-hop, Latin and pop tunes expertly mixed with classic throwbacks, the BBX Fitness soundtrack mirrors the electric energy of each choreographed workout.  University tested three times, BBX Fitness is proven to burn up to 1,100 calories an hour and sculpt lean muscle without any equipment! You’ll have more fun teaching BBX than any other format…guaranteed! BBX is truly the evolution in the dance fitness genre!




We understand the challenges!  Competition for new members, finding and keeping a great staff and ensuring your group fitness programs are dynamic and engaging!  BBX is a proven way to give your members a cutting edge class that delivers excitement, motivation and the results they are looking for!  BBX FITNESS is a unique and innovative format that successfully combines strength training and cardio without the use of weights or machines, which means twice the work out in half the time!

There is no licensing fee.  However, Boogie Box is a copyrighted format and coaches may only use choreography and music released by the Corporation.  A LIVE training will consist of the following:

  • Intense Training on the foundation of the workout; form, stance, technique and Applied Muscle Resistance and utilization of RSL Patterns
  • Modifications and Safety Information
  • Proper Cueing and Breakdown for each BBX form
  • Tips on how to best learn the BBX format
  • Instruction on how to best teach BBX
  • Musicality and Choreography breakdowns
  • One Round of Choreography.  Future rounds will have to be purchased by each coach for $69 each.
  • Full Training DVD and Training Manual
  • A FREE Master Class will also be conducted as part of the Workshop
  • 24/7 Online and Phone Support for all Certified Coaches
  • Access to additional Coach Tips and Training Videos as posted on a private FB Group Page (such as clips from Dede's live classes)
  • Access to special Coach Events and Discounts
  • Potential to enter the BBX Master Coach Training Program (for qualified candidates)
  • AFAA Trainers receive 6.75 CEU's


Do I need to have experience teaching?

BBX Fitness requires no previous experience or equipment; however, having a good sense of rhythm and musical timing is imperative!


How much is a training?

Early bird registration is $199

$249 after the early bird deadline.

All registrations must be submitted at least 2 weeks before a scheduled training.


Am I certified after a training?

No, after you successfully complete your Initial Training, you will then need to send us a video of you teaching within 6 months, called an assessment video. This is to ensure your workouts are safe and effective, and you’re instructing to your full potential. Details on how to complete your assessment video will be explained in detail during your initial training, but we recommend you spend a few weeks honing the skills you learned during training before you record your video and submit to the BBX team for review.

After we have reviewed your assessment video, you will receive either a "PASS," which means "Congratulations, you’re a fully certified BBX instructor!", or a "RESUBMIT," which means you need to spend a bit more time polishing your technique before resubmitting another assessment video. You will be given details on what areas specifically you need to improve in the second video, and will be given a full year before your certification timeline expires.


How long does it take someone to get certified?

Each individual differs depending on how much they practice and how hard they work. We have seen that the majority of people take between 2- 6 months before being able to effectively teach a LIVE BBX class. It all depends on how hard you work at practicing “HOW” to teach! Remember you have “1-year,” to obtain your certification and if you do not pass on your first video, you will receive “feedback” on what you need to work on in order to perfect your BBX teaching skills. We are on your side and will work hard with you so that you feel comfortable and can teach an effective BBX class.


How do I get certified?

In order to become a BBX Fitness Instructor, all you have to do is attend an Instructor Training. We will teach you signature forms, technique, how to piece together choreography, cueing, break down’s, how to effectively teach BBX and how to create a party atmosphere that will keep your students coming back for more! By becoming a certified BBX Coach, you will be joining an exclusive group of people who can buy the newest BBX Rounds and be authorized to teach LIVE classes in your area!

Please see our EVENTS  page for upcoming instructor trainings; or EMAIL  us to request a training in your area. 


I don’t see a training in my area, what do I do?

If we don’t have a BBX Instructor training in your area, you can work directly with BBX Fitness as our “BBX AMBASSADOR,” in order to get a LIVE training in your area.

BBX Ambassadors will work directly with the BBX Team and be paid a 20% commission on the trainings that they help organize, as well as receive their training FOR FREE!


If you have any further questions, wish to schedule a demo, host a training workshop or register for a workshop, please send us a message using the form below.

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